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Community Response: Mental Health & Career Services for Skid Row community

PLK Solution: Developed and created the Motivation Center. PLK pops up alongside other organizations with laptops, job flyers, interview clothes, internet, adult coloring books, board games, and an interactive motivation wall for residents to spread an encouraging message. 


Los Angeles, California

Location: Skid Row Community Refresh Spot

Past Locations: Azusa Lighthouse Mission Church, San Julian Park, City Hall (on the sidewalk), New Image Center for Volunteers of America.




Based on LAHSA 2018 Homeless Count- Skid Row

  • The two highest races are 66% African American and 17% Hispanic

  • Individuals (not in a family unit) make up 89%

  • Domestic/Intimate Partner Violence are 38% individuals


PLK acknowledges the mental health and trauma individuals with art therapy, board games, and a safe place to relax. Services also target the residents who are depressed, self sabotage, and anxiety. To help support create their new reality, we provide career services and resources. 

Community Response: There is too much trash on the streets!

PLK Solution: Skid Row trash pick up began in mid 2017 to help clean our streets and be a leading example of the change we want to see. Eventually we hope to inquire more trash and recycle bins on the streets and also to educate about our human footprint. All brooms, gloves and trash bags are provided. Donations are always welcomed.

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