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Puerto Rico

Community Response:  Bring some PLK to a community that is being heavily neglected by our political leaders.

PLK Solution: In December 2017, PLK went to Puerto Rico with the help of Puerto Ricans in Action LA (PRIA). We met with different community members who were affected in different parts of Puerto Rico- Luquillo, Caguas, and Arecibo. It was devastating to see the tragedy not covered properly by the media, and we wanted to highlight all the community members’ resilience and hope for a recovered Puerto Rico.



Created hygiene kits with the PRIA team to later distribute at a school in Arecibo, that was barely re-opening (3 months later) after the hurricane.




PLK was able to meet with Paola (not pictured) from Comadres Sociales and help manifest a community center powered by the community. Comadres Sociales, a local organization, found an abandoned center, and decided to remodel it and provide food, motivation, acupuncture, and other great resources!




Daisey and DJ handing out the hygiene kits created by PRIA to the students in Arecibo.


Additionally, PLK created an Amazon wish list with items requested and needed for 10 families in Puerto Rico. With the help from family, friends, and supporters we were able to purchase all the goods and bring more!

Goods Brought:

  • Solar panels 

  • Solar light bulbs

  • Outdoor solar string lights

  • Solar lights for the walkways

  • Clothes

  • Soap

  • Pitcher water filters

  • Sink water filters

  • Toothbrushes

  • Razors

  • Candles

We kept in touch with Daisey, from the previous trip, to keep us updated on communities still without electricity, and met up with her to deliver the goods in Arecibo and Caguas. To experience the energy from people being so excited to see light, was the most humbling moment. Thank you for making this happen. 

Supporters: Christine, WeareLightWork, Mackeyla, Maria, Natasha, Melissa, and others.

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