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Mystical Relationships with Numbers

We are embarking on the rabbit hole of metaphysics and the laws of nature to explain the meanings behind the numbers we see! This is all open for interpretation, but we hope to spark an interest and you can come to your own conclusion.

In today’s modern world, we are somewhat familiar with seeing the double 11’s = 11:11 on our clocks. Many associate it with a sign that we are on the right path, which we perceive as the same meaning, but we want to take a deeper dive into numerology as a whole and help you associate deeper meanings when navigating life and giving the signs through numbers.

To begin, we want to remind everyone this is an indigenous owned company so we look past history that begins with our colonizers (stolen knowledge). Alright, if you are still up for reading, let’s get into this!

Let’s begin with this snippet from Reader’s Digest (1):

Here are the most common angel numbers’ meanings.

000: This is a high-vibration number and signifies a new beginning and perfection,” Dettmann says. Some people also see 000 and feel the need to pause or slow down before a change occurs.

1111: 1111 is an angel number many people notice often, as it frequently appears on clocks and watches and is considered very lucky. According to Dettmann, when you see 1111, it means you are on the right path.

222: The angel number meaning behind 222 is an indication of great hope, harmony and trust, says Dettmann. Berry believes it can also mean positivity and balance.

333: If you see the sequence 333 often in your life, Dettmann says it’s a very jubilant sign and is directly connected to “divine creativity and growth.”

444: Angel number 444 ensures you have the proper guidance from your guardian angel as a direct result of your honesty, says Dettmann.

555: The 555 sequence can feel very comforting, as it signals an upcoming transitional phase and encourages freedom from fears, says Dettmann.

666: The number sequence 666 often has a negative reputation, but it is actually quite positive as far as angel number meanings are concerned, says Dettmann. “This angel number is all about focused activities that your guardian angel wants you to perform.”

777: Similar to the luckiest and unluckiest months based on your zodiac sign, 777 is an angel number often associated with luck—especially when it comes to gambling. But according to Dettman, it’s also the most mystical of the angel numbers. “It’s related to pure and direct divine guidance,” he says.

888: And while 777 might be lucky, it’s actually 888 you want to look out for as a financial sign from the angels. “This angel number is associated with financial luck and a path to financial success,” says Dettmann.

999: If you see 999, you’re receiving a sign from angels telling you to convert negativity into positivity, says Dettmann.

Next, now that we all familiarize ourselves with the common meanings behind the common double digits numbers we see. Let’s start the dive into Ancient Egypt’s teachings. In Kemet, numbers were not associated with quantities (Modern world did that), but instead studied as “definitions of energetic formative principles of nature.”(3)

“Rules for inquiring into nature and for knowing all that exists, every mystery, every secret.” (3)

These energetic principles were called neteru (gods/goddesses). In Kemet, “numbers were not just odd and even—they were male and female. Every part of the universe was/is a male or a female.” (4) “The intent is very clear—that Ancient Egyptians believed in and set the rules for numbers and their interactions (so called mathematics) as the basis for “all that exists”. (4)

Numbers are perceived to follow the laws of nature, which all natural things are from the Creator in order. We can recognize numbers as neither abstractions nor entities in themselves, but view them in their function and principles on how the universe is maintained and created.

In Kemet, numbers were viewed as an animism, “which is the concept that all things in the universe are animated (energized) by life forces. This concurs, scientifically, with the kinetic theory, where each minute particle of any matter is in constant motion, i.e., energized with life forces. In Kemet, numbers did not simply designate quantities but instead were considered to be concrete definitions of energetic formative principles of nature. The NTRW were named after the energetic principles = Nature.”(4)

Now when you see the numbers, take a deeper dive on the below references to link it to a teaching from Ancient Egypt. The universe is truly beautiful and magnificent.

We respect the teachings of Kemet and want to state that Pythagoras studied in Lower Egypt for 20 years, but left nothing in their own writing, but Western academia still attributes these teachings to him.

“Pythagoras is said to see numbers as divine concepts, ideas of the God who created a universe of infinite variety, and satisfying order, to a numerical pattern. The same principles were stated more than 13 centuries before Pythagoras, in the heading of the Kemet Rhind Papyrus.” (4)



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