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Community Response:  Provide a wellness day for the women at Alexandria House showcasing different rituals.

PLK Solution: PLK led the day with rituals to overcome any bloackages or feelings of imbalanced in the journey of life. 


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PLK led a day of healthy rituals to de escalate those moments we feel imbalanced.


Step 1- Our day began with burning of sacred herbs (Palo Santo, Copal, then Sage), an ancient practice found in Mexico and Peru to ward of evil spirits, clear the space, and/or honor our ancestors. As we centered ourselves we played a calming hertz sound bath. We are energetic beings so adding in healing music to your environment can help tune your frequency back to your highest self. 

Step 2- We shared our worksheet with all the women (which you can find the icon above) that was filled with 4 questions to help release the triggers or pain from your mind, body, and soul.  We all took a moment to release those thoughts and some women were open to sharing. A few cried because they have been keeping it bottled up inside. This was a huge emotional release for many and it was rewarding to hold a space for them to do so. The last step is to burn the paper to signify the release from your spirit of those emotions keeping you from being present. For safety reasons, no fires were started, but we did rip the paper into pieces with pure intention to say bye to the past. 

(Lunch Intermission/ Gift Bags)

Step 3- Lastly, we burned sage to clear the space and replace it with positive intentions of our new beginnings. We now were able to begin to paint a frame that was to be filled with a loving picture as a reminder to stay in the loving state of being. 

"when you doubt your power,
you give power to your doubt."

A big thank you to Alexandria House and the wonderful work you  do!

Community Response:  Provide support for the women at Alexandria House.

PLK Solution: PLK's intent was to lift the spirits of the women after a much needed break from our current news. We made sure we talked about our setbacks so we can transform them while creating our vision boards.



Peace Love Knowledge (PLK) is a women owned business that aims to empower and transform individual's lives. PLK focuses on building up individuals and the communities they reside in through our core values- peace, love, and knowledge.

This event will included a mental health piece and activity to help the women find empowerment as they navigate life's ups and downs. By the end of the event, the women will have gained a sense of community, understand the importance of self awareness, and provided resources to take the appropriate steps as they enter a new chapter in their lives. 

Community Response:  Provide support for the women at Alexandria House.

PLK Solution: PLK teamed up with Light Work to bring an empowering and self love day to 10 women at Alexandria's House on June 23rd, 2018. The event aimed to connect, empower, and reflect with over 20 women from different backgrounds and life experiences to create a sisterhood.

Alexandria House was founded in 1996 and is a transitional residence and house of hospitality. It is located in the Mid-Wilshire Los Angeles area, where they are able to create an educating and enrichment opportunity within their neighborhood and women they cater too.

Schedule for the day:



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To find out more about the wonderful organizations PLK is partnering with, see below:

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