The Motivation Center

the next step on your journey...

Peace Love Knowledge is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit

We have been providing services since March 2016 and are very confident with the non-conventional way of helping to uplift Skid Row. As a grassroot non profit, we are volunteer based only and have impacted many lives with minimal funding and support. By offering a space to be a foundation and support system for individuals next step on their journey, we have seen full circle of writing a resume and introducing individuals to recruiters/job postings, and within a few days they are employed.

End Houselessness

In the center of Los Angeles’ humanitarian crisis, we have created a pop-up Motivation Center, a non-conventional way to help end the cycle of homelessness. The Motivation Center is a hub to fit everyone’s needs since we all have different destinies. A place where its sole purpose is to listen to a local resident and help be their foundation and support system. We provide career and mental health services, and  local resources. 

The Motivation Center is filled with a motivation wall, fun fact wall, tables, and computers. An induced environment to change the individuals within it. From adolescence to adulthood it is important to provide support to individuals at every life stage throughout their lives. Mental health is recognized, where individuals are given a foundation and a place of support for the next step on their journey. We are 100% volunteer based and love seeing people helping people no matter your background or job title. 


  • End the cycle of houselessness

  • Help decrease crime

  • Gain more civic participation

  • Create a cleaner, safer, and vibrant community and individual

  • Employed by local residents

  • Release trauma

  • Gain a community

  • Ripple effect with criminal justice and public health

Resources and Services 

    1. Informational Classes- Topics Include: Financial Literacy, Healthy Communication,

Mindfulness, Budgeting 101, Personal Finances 101, Goal Setting, etc..

    2. Programs Include: Entrepreneurship Program- “Create My Own Business,"

Group Circle Talks, Mentorship Program, Art Therapy,  Board Games,

Career Services- resume writing, job searching, and interview prep. 

    3. Direct Transportation to housing services, interviews, Work source center, medical services, etc

Funds Needed for 
Goal #1 :We  need $50K to lockdown space before it gets gentrified and makes way to push the houseless population into no opportunities. 
Goal #2: $200K to employ people and help run the center. 
Goal #3: $500K to employ more people and extend mission and acquire space for an emergency shelter. 

The Change
We will be open with low barriers of entry, so people do not feel like a statistic, but a HUMAN!


It is non conventional to a standardize society we are used to, BUT you can't say that LOVE and a sense of HOME does not warm up your spirit.


1st Goal: $50k

$2,000 (updated 12/22/2020)

Make all checks payable to:

Peace Love Knowledge


Mail to: 16406 Kalisher St., Granada Hills, CA 91344

(Please include a name and current address so we can send receipt for donation.)